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Horse & Rider Chiropractic treatments

 The ponies at WRS are very lucky and receive regular back check ups and treatments to make sure they are comfortable and have no back pain problems. This helps ensure that riders have the very best riding experience possible as a horse with back problems will find being ridden uncomfortable and may display unwanted behaviour as a result of pain. Any ponies at WRS found to be suffering back pain are treated accordingly to ensure they are fit and pain free as soon as possible. 

WRS insutructor Katie Costello is a registered and insured Chiropractor and has a human Chiropractic clinic in Warndon Villages, Worcester. She uses McTimoney technique to treat the WRS horses, being able to see the horses ride regularly  in lessons enables Katie to spot any small sign that a horse may be in need of a treatment. 

Links to Katie's website pages are here if you would like further information 



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