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The pony club covers many areas of horse riding and horse care, its aim is to teach young riders (4 - 25yrs) in a safe and fun environment.

Becoming a member of the Worcester Riding School center of the pony club allows you to particiapate in rallies, camps and staying all day on a Saturday as well as the opportunity to compete in different disciplines both on site and off site.


Pony Club Rallies

Pony Club rallies run on a Wednesday evening, these rallies are where riders improve their riding and horse care skills, each week the rally will focus on a different area.


Achievement badges and mini badges for our younger members are an excellent way to encourage our members to learn about caring for ponies, they complement the riding achievement awards and provide evidence of achievement with badges that can be sewn on to sweatshirts. There are over 40 different badges. Once a member has achieved 21 of the main achievement badges a gold certificate and badge may be applied for, there is also a mini gold badge for the younger members who achieve all 14 mini badges.

Effieciency tests

These are the riding achievement awards, as each member achieves a higher level of award they recieve a different coloured felt to go behind their pony club badge. These efficiency tests are highly regarded by equine colleges and members that achieve the B test can go directly to taking BHS stage 3 (missing stages 1&2 out). 

Progressive tests

The progressive tests are a fantastic way of center members still achieving riding awards inbetween the efficiency tests. They gradually increase the knowledge of the rider whilst providing achievement and provide bitesize assesments to ensure riders are up to the next efficiency test standard. The progressive tests consist of bronze (before D test), silver (before D+ test), gold (before C test) and platinum (before C+ test)

Competition training

Some pony club rallies will be dedicated to a certain discipline of horse riding such as dressage or showjumping. This is where the members learn the rules of the sport and practise having a go at it.

Road safety

Road rider achievement badges are taken alongside the efficiency tests, these tests help keep young riders safe and aware of the hazards of riding on the roads.


Pony Club competitions

Competitons at WRS

Throughout the year we hold a variety of competitions at the riding school so that our riders can experience a variety of disciplines. This includes dressage, showjumping, eventing, racing and many more. At each of these competitions there will be a section for pony club members, points will be earned by members taking part in these competitions to go towards the center league awards.

Competitions off site

We are offering our members a chance to take part in pony club competitions off site, to be considered for a place on the team you must have attended at least 3 rallies a month in the previous 2 months.

Center equitation competition

This takes place at the pony club championships, this is a team competition for 2 riders under 12years and 2 riders over 12years, to take part in a dressage test and showjumping competition. We will be taking a team of 4 riders to the pony club championships this year.


This consists of running, swimming, shooting and cross country riding. We are hoping to be able to take some of our members to tetrathlon competitions, tetrathlon training will take place on a Saturday.


The pony club quizzes allow members to compete against each other and also members from other centers and branches.

Hunting and competition awards and badges are available.


Pony Prep

Pony  prep is a online place to practise every aspect of horsemanship and horse care by taking quizzes, watching videos and entering competitions


Young Equestrian Leaders Award

YELA is an award scheme designed to recognise the time and effort volunteers give to equestrianism so they become equestrian leaders of the future. There are three progressive levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. YELA demonstrates commitment, leadership, responsibilty and may lead candidates down many different paths in equestrianism. It is a journey that develops equestrian knowledge alongside skills for life that everyone is looking for from employers to colleges and universities.

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