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 Deni has grown up and been around horses all her life, she was put on the back of a pony before she could even sit up and talk!! Deni has been teaching and coaching for some 20 years - starting from teaching a friends daughter in her dads back field when she was 17! Never frighted to get her hands or the rest of her dirty, and certainly would never expect anyone to do anything that She wouldn't do herself, Deni takes a very hands on approach to both businesses. Deni lives on site at Worcester,and  can be found down the yard most days assisting in the day to day handling and care of the horses and ponies.

Deni has always enjoyed horses as a hobby, and although a successful 10 year PR, Marketing & Sales career within commerce initially kept her away from a position within the equestrian world, it was always inevitable that eventually horses would be were she would return, and this is when Worcester riding school was born.

Deni initially ran and set up Twyning, and when the opportunity came to branch out, she grasped it with both hands. From very small and humble beginnings Deni has proudly watched as WRS produce confident, kind and considerate riders - both children and adults alike.

When Deni isn’t down the school, her passion is hunting (within the legal guide lines) and carriage driving. Luckily the two happen at different times of the year!! Deni has achieved considerable success carriage driving nationally, and with one of her main driving ponies being deemed unrideable this is no mean feat! Deni’s major national success‘s, include wins at the Royal Windsor Horse show, three counties show, Pembrokeshire county show, The Victoria National Carriage Driving Championships (highest placed non Hackney type) and the British Driving Society Osbourne Refrigerators National Private Driving Championships and Horse of the Year Show.


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