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The yard dogs..... Tally Tickles, or tally as she likes to be known, is a bit of a hooligan! mainly confined to the kennel she is a collector of ASBO's for very naughty behaviour. She likes nothing better than stealing the childrens lunch, and then looking very innocent as if she hadn't done it! She is totally untrainable and unruly but we all love her!

Bumpy on the other hand, is a lovely Spaniel. Always the one to get caught when doing somthing he shouldn't (tally is too quick, and before he realises Bumpy is left with the evidence!!), he has this permanant look of disbelief and confusion. He was bred as a top flight gun dog, but a defect at birth rendered him useless, and then he was given to me as a gift... we love him and feed him his favourite - fairy cakes!!

Wally Wumps....Not much to say about this little man, apart from if you visit the riding school, don't forget to shut your door and please check your car before you leave the car park.... Wally likes getting into strangers cars! Wally was brought from a horse fair where he was tied to the side of a card board box with a piece of string, he was nearly called baling twine!! normally he can be spotted by his 'greying dirty fluffy fur, unless he has visited Aunty Dee at the post Dog groomers down the road at Kempsey, where he goes for his special treat of a shampoo and set!!


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