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In 2005 Worcester riding School was invited to join the National Pony club centre scheme. This was set up to give children who didn't have there own pony the opportunity to participate in all pony club activities.

The centre scheme has been a huge success with many children enjoying what the pony club has to offer. By joining the pony club, the children get to stay all day on a Saturday at the riding school. In the mornings they get a lesson and the pony club actiivies take part in the afternoon.

Rallys, teach-ins, lectures and demonstrations take part throughout the year.

During the summer the much anticipated summer camp takes place. The children get to stay for 5 days and have there own pony. Midnight riding in their pyjamas, riverside picnics, inter riding school competitions and barn dances are all things the children have done during camp.

'Memories which will be with them as they grow up, are made at pony club camp.'

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