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EQUESTRIAN EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE FOUNDATION, that is what EEEF stands for. EEEF is an equine therapy unit that is based at Worcester Riding School, EEEF uses specially bred miniature ponies to work with children and adults with various dissabilities and problems.

Deni came up with the idea of EEEF whilst working with a number of children with disabilities. it was apparent that when they interacted with the ponies on the yard, the children responded in a positive way. The childrens self esteem, communication and interaction with other children and adults was measurbly improved and commented on.

Working with a team of educational specialist, Deni came up with the idea of EEEF whilst on a trip to Aberdeen to collect two of the ponies who were being sent over from the shetland Islands. Whilst on the trip with two other founder members, EEEF was born over a meal in a authentic remote scottish highland pub. Deni is very proud to have both Educational and teaching proffesionals within the EEEF working group, and it is this knowledge that has been pulled upon to set up EEEF's working procedures, statutes, child safety policies and protection protocol.

The ponies used by EEEF are chosen very carefully, they are exceptionally special little miniature ponies. They are only used by EEEF for the  therapy unit  and do not get used for lessons within the main School, this ensures the ponies stay focused on the therapy work.  The ponies are specially trained by Deni and the EEEF team, to undertake the therapy,  during the training process the ponies are subjected to a variety of different and unusual situations. this ensures they are suitable as therapy ponies, and only when they have completed the intensive training course will the ponies be considered as EEEF ponies. We have been very lucky to work with the Alasken pony stud in Somerset, where we have been fortunate to purchase the majority of the therapy ponies. The Alasken shetland pony stud, breed for confirmation and most importantly temperament, and they have always been ideal ponies for the EEEF therapy centre. 

Deni commented on EEEF's launch, 'I am very proud to be part of EEEF. During the time that we have been piloting EEEF, I have seen first hand experience the succces that these little ponies have on the children and adults that visit the therapy centre. EEEF is something that all those that are part of it, are very passionate about, its not a 'therapy' that we have looked up on the internet, and suddenly we are now proclaiming to practise. EEEF is backed by protocols and practises wrote and advised by Educational industry proffesionals. We are all very excited about the launch of EEEF, and are sure it will grow and continue on from the initial success that are already happening'.

The EEEF therapy ponies are available to visit too, and very much enjoy getting out and about meeting new people, already they have been to the Three Counties Countrytastic show, care Homes, schools and several store / company open days.

The therapy that is undertaken at EEEF is nonprescriptive, so if you wish to discuss how the little therapy ponies can help you or someone you know or wish to book the ponies to come and visit please do not hesitate to contact Deni on 07889 569009.

take a look in the gallery for pictures of the EEEF ponies on their days out!!

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